Haltbarkeit und Genauigkeit in einem Drehgeber

Incremental, Absolute and Commutation Versions Available

Amt encoder

Modularer AMT-Drehgeber

Utilizing capacitive sensing technology, CUI's AMT modular encoders offer a highly ruggedized solution without sacrificing accuracy. With up to 20 programmable resolutions and nine different shaft sizes, the AMT series gives engineers increased flexibility during prototyping without procuring additional units and purchasing managers the ability to greatly reduce SKU count in production.


  • 20 programmable resolutions from 48 ~ 4096 PPR
  • Operating temp range up to -40°C ~ +125°C
  • 9 different shaft sizes from 2 ~ 8 mm
  • Staub-, schmutz- und ölabweisend
  • Niedriger Stromverbrauch
  • Einfache Montage
  • Kompaktes Design

When you choose an AMT encoder, you receive:

Globale Ressourcen

Collaborative Support

Our Sales, Customer Service and Application Engineering teams are here to ensure your project is a success.

Quality Assurance

You can rely on us to keep your design in compliance with international regulations.
AMT Viewpoint™

Access to the AMT Viewpoint™ GUI

An intuitive software tool that allows users to set and control a range of parameters, reducing development time and providing a one stop shop for debugging, configuration, and encoder AMT resources.

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