Benachrichtigung zu internationalen Energieeffizienz-Standards für Stromadapter: Stufe VI


Benachrichtigung zu internationalen Energieeffizienz-Standards für Stromadapter: Stufe VI

In diesem Artikel, der von EDN veröffentlicht wurde, diskutiert Redakteur Steve Taranovich die kommenden Stufe-VI-Effizienznormen und wie CUI daran arbeitet, die neuen Standards im Netzteilportfolio zu implementieren, um die Kunden bei den sich ständig weiterentwickelnden globalen Regelungen auf dem neuesten Stand zu halten.

The article begins, "I recently had a really enlightening discussion with CUI Inc. VP of Global Marketing, Jeff Schnabel and CUI resident expert on Power adapter Level VI exports, Andrew Johnson, Product manager for external adapters. The main reason for our discussion was to help get early information out to OEMs regarding the next level in Power Adapter standards, Level VI. CUI asked EDN to assist in informing the industry groups who will need to be aware of this new level of the international standard because in previous new level announcements, so many OEMs were caught off guard and not adequately prepared."

He goes on to say, "There is nothing I admire more in a company than their concern for their customers. I have seen this trait in CUI over the years in their efforts to promote power supply interoperability in the industry as well."

The article then leads into a brief history of efficiency standards, areas of change within the new standards, moving into Level VI and what the new standards mean going forward.

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