Die besonderen Herausforderungen der Normen für digitale Stromversorgung


Die besonderen Herausforderungen der Normen für digitale Stromversorgung

Editor Steve Taranovich von EDN setzt sich mit Mark Adams, Sprecher der AMP Group und CUI Senior VP, zusammen und bespricht die Herausforderungen bei der Festlegung der Normen für digitale Stromversorgung und auf welche unterschiedlichen Arten die Arbeitsgemeinschaft der AMP Group und das PMBus-Komitee die Normung fördern.

Editor Steve Taranovich comments:

"Digital power popularity among designers is growing quickly as they replace many analog solutions in many applications. Higher efficiency, greater flexibility and added functionality, system monitoring and control and adaptive power system optimization during operation without disturbing the power to the load.

Standardization and interoperability are two key areas of easing the role of the designer who has to implement a Digital Power Supply into their product or system. You, as the designer, need to weigh in on what you needs to help your designs get to market quicker and with the functionality you need in your system. I urge you to comment and get your message out to the power IC product development community for both digital power controllers, bus and other digital power functions and components associated with your designs.

The following shows what great challenges exist to create a ubiquitous standard for Digital Power compatibility between solutions as well as functionality needs of power supplies in the modern world that can be encompassed within the digital power framework as well as the standard or standards that will aid the designer’s needs."

Read the full interview with Mark Adams on EDN.com

To learn more about the AMP Group consortium, please visit: ampgroup.com

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