Runder Tisch: Die Zukunft der Energieeffizienz


Runder Tisch: Die Zukunft der Energieeffizienz

In the Electronic Design Roundtable “The Future of Power Efficiency” Technology Editor Don Tuite asks, “Can we top 95% efficiency? Do we need to?” The discussion includes opinions from executives at N2Power, XP Power, and CUI’s VP of Global Marketing, Jeff Schnabel.

The article begins “While upgrading the grid and repowering the data center are grand, sweeping issues, it’s important not to lose sight of basics. For an international perspective, we discussed future efficiency gains and advances in digital power with senior executives at European power supply companies: Jeff Schnabel, VP of marketing at CUI Inc.; Don Knowles, VP of engineering at N2Power; and Gary Bocock, technical director at XP Power.”

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