Making True Multi-Sourcing of Digital Dc-Dc Converters a Reality


Making True Multi-Sourcing of Digital Dc-Dc Converters a Reality

Featured as the cover article in the January/February 2017 edition of Power Systems Design, CUI’s Senior VP, Mark Adams, discusses the rise of digital dc-dc POL converters over the years and some of the second-sourcing challenges that they provide. He then looks at how CUI and members of the AMP Group consortium are working to address those challenges in order to provide a true multi-source solution for design engineers.

The article begins, “Dc-dc converter modules have been around a long time and can be found in most power conversion stages of virtually every application today. As their use evolved to changing application requirements so did the design approach used to construct them. One of these trends meant that in order to preserve conversion efficiency, in a distributed power architecture, it was necessary to undertake the last stage of voltage conversion as close as possible to the load. Named point of load (POL) converters, and typically powering a microprocessor or a programmable logic device such as an FPGA, this approach boosts overall power conversion efficiency in addition to improving output voltage stability…”

Read the full article on page 10 of Power Systems Design

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